How to Reduce Plastic Use: 7 Effective Ways to Kick the Plastic Habit

Reducing plastic use doesn’t have to mean a complete upheaval in your daily routines. There are little ways to make a big difference. Read on to learn how to reduce plastic use every day.

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Start At Home

Wrap, store, save for later and cinch that snack bag…without plastic.

Cover a bowl or cut fruit with silicone stretch lids.

A set of mixing bowls with lids makes it easy to pack anything away.

Instead of zip-top plastic bags try these machine-washable muslin bags or these reusable storage bags.

For sandwiches, snacks, fruit, and a whole lot of other uses try our Beeswax Wraps. Keep food fresh without plastic.

Fill Your Favorite Water Bottle

Find a water bottle you love and use it.

Reusable Shopping Bags

In sight, in mind. Put them where you can see them so you’ll remember to grab them on the way out the door. Also, why limit shopping bags to groceries? Grab your favorite tote and use it for everyday purchases. When the clerk asks if you need a bag for those items, you can say, “no thanks, I have my own”.

Buy In Bulk – and bring a container from home

The bulk grocery aisle is an opportunity to not only cut down on plastic use but also to save on your grocery bill* (bonus!).

*Note on bulk purchases: Some foods are cheaper in the bulk section, like dried beans, lentils, oats, rice, loose tea, and chia seeds and some are not, like nuts and dried fruit. Double-check prices and use your common sense when comparing volumes; not all price tags use the same metric.

Carry It With You

Reusable cutlery, food containers, and coffee cups. You’re ready to go no matter where your day takes you.

Make Dinner – Then Pack A Lunch

Yes, you should bring your lunch to work because that plastic clamshell your salad came in will be around a lot longer than you. But also, it’s probably healthier, tastier, and cheaper than your to-go take out. Start by packing your lunch once more per week than you do now.

Choose Your Packaging Wisely

Before you grab that plastic bag filled with mixed greens, ask yourself if there is another way. Here are some useful tips that might change the way you decide what to buy:

  • Choose heads of lettuce over boxed or bagged greens.
  • Buy cork instead of screw tops when shopping for wine.
  • Aluminum foil is recyclable, plastic wrap is not. Store your leftovers accordingly.
  • Small things like teabags and their labels can have a big impact on the environment. I’ve started experimenting with loose-leaf tea and a reusable (metal or rubber) tea brewer.
  • When it comes to beverages and their packaging, here’s the breakdown of what’s best for the environment: Recycled cans are the best, followed by glass containers and trailed by plastic.

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