Join us on our journey! Here are some examples of what our clients love about White Ladle.

S.K. Aleshire

Love this Apron!!
This apron is exactly what I had in mind. In the middle of my gardening season I was struck down with Covid/Double Pneumonia causing me to languish around in my house. One evening while scrolling through the internet on Amazon I found this Apron and ordered it in hope of using it some day when I regained my strength. The day I received it I was very happy with the apron and was especially pleased with the packaging from the seller White Ladle who included a very sweet thank you note for purchasing one of their products. This note cheered my heart that day and I am recovering, happily wearing my apron while going about in my daily tasks, and puttering around in my greenhouse.?
woman wearing apron holding thank you card


thank you for the product, it works great and arrived in good condition


Very fast shipping. I am happy with my purchase. Great seller. Thanks!


Beeswax food wraps arrived quickly and were new as advertised!

reusable beeswax food wrap


love the food wraps. beautiful and high quality.


These are great for reusable food coverings, and are especially nice with a little bit of twine to hold them in place. Great for presenting a homemade bottled gift, or just for a more provident, conscious alternative to disposable food storage products.


I am so happy to have these! There is really no better way to keep your food fresh and transport your lunch every day! These little beeswax wraps are perfect for covering up a bowl without a dedicated lid, wrapping up your sandwich for lunch, and storing your cheese…After your initial investment, you’ll be pleased to not have to purchase plastic bags, plastic wrap, and other disposable food savers. Save the earth and save the money, too!

Excelente product

Love them!!! Very easy to use and Wrap everything I need it for.


Used this for mashed potatoes. Great product. I put in a whole unpeeled potatoes and it riced perfectly without any skin coming through.


I was excited when my package came in as it was before thanksgiving and wanted to use it for the mashed potatoes. Everyone in my household took turns using this as it was an interesting gadget. The potatoes came out better than I ever hope for. This potato ricer will always have a place in my kitchen and seeing how sturdy and well made it is I think it may last me for a very very long time.


I was deciding between the Oxo product and this one. Very sturdy. Easy to use. Cleans up easily. Everyone loved the potatoes. I told them it was the ricer. They couldn’t believe it. Highly recommend.


I’ve always used a mixer for mashed potatoes, but my daughter has texture issues and lumps send her over the edge. This worked great.

fluffy mashed potatoes


Very sturdy stainless kitchen tool. Fantastic for the best mash potatoes!!!